In recent years, losing weight has become a hot topic in our life, especially in women’s community. However, losing weight has aroused people’s attention as many problems has appeared.


There are many ways in losing weight. Some people lose their weight by persisting in doing exercise regularly. Some people take medicine to cut their weight. Furthermore, some turn to operation for help, especially the young. Therefore, all kinds of product have been sold in the market, such as special medicine, tea and equipment.


It’s understandable for human to pay much attention to their good-look. However, many side effects have come into being when some people are losing weight. For example, some people have lost their weight by taking medicine, but at the same time, their digestion systems have been injured. Thus, we should pay more attention to our physical coordination when we choose the way to cut our weight.


In my opinion, doing exercise is the best way to lose weight. On the one hand, we can train our bodies by taking exercise and become healthier. On the other hand, our mind will be clearer if we do exercise often. 


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