When I was a student, there were endless classes and examinations every day. At that time, I always felt that going to school was too painful. It would be great if I could get out of social work as soon as possible, so that I could make money and buy what I wanted.


But it wasn't until I graduated from high school and went to work for two months that I realized that the work life was so boring and painful. I did similar work every day. I got up at dawn to go to work, and went home to eat and sleep when it got dark, day after day.


After this work, I found that the time in school was my happiest day. The pressure of study was great, but I was very happy. Every day, I can listen to the teachers' interesting lessons together with my classmates. After class, we will chat and play together. We don't have to worry about having no money every day, because our daily life is settled by our parents. This kind of campus life is really happy.


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