It seems that a big gap exists between parents and children, and that situation will get worse day by day while accompanied with the growth of the children. 
We can often hear complaints from parents, which say that their children are not obedient as in the past time. But they usually don’t talk about this topic with children. Oppositely the children think their parents are annoying and hard to communicate with. As the kids are growing up, the illusion comes to end, and they treat their parents as the omniscient wise in their childhood. Then they become to get to know the world and develop their own opinions and think their parents’ thought is out of time, so they refused to communicate with their parents. They don’t talk with each other at all. That is a reason why some families found it difficult to understand their relatives.
Here is some advice for the young, when you meet the situations like your parents do not agree you do things. Firstly you must know that your parents never do hurt to you and they just don’t understand your thoughts. So secondly, do your best to persuade them and show the better side of the events. At last, the thing you should do is to make it right with your persistence. 
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