Nowadays, more and more people in the city want to live in the country. And many people in the country want to live in the city. It is an interesting fancy thing for our society.
       Let us think the reason of this phenomenon.
       In the city, almost people think that the pace of the city become more and more quickly. The city is developing, and it also brings some new problems. People have much tension for the society. They have to work hard for living in the city and making themselves alive. Every day, they work hard. And also their hearts are very tired. The country is a good place for them to relax their body and their heart. In the country they will do the thing which they like doing, such as drawing the rural sight. Nowadays, in the city, there are more and more crimes. They do not give people security. Every day, people live in the fear. And the quality of living will fall. Now many people feel that many people are cold to each other. It also makes our heart to tire. So people in the city want to have a rural life.
       But the persons in the country think that there are many opportunity in the city. And there are good education, good service, good medical treatment in the city. They can nor appear in the country. So the persons in the country want to have a urban life not only for themselves but also for their children and grandchildren. They think if they stay in the city, their future will be full of shinning.
      I think I have my urban life until I will be old. In the city, there are much challenge for me. I want to accept them.

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