adj. 鉴定的;[核] 临界的;批评的,爱挑剔的;危险的;决定性的;评论的

Undoubtedly, all of these are critical for our person growth.
来自:志愿者活动 Volunteer Activity

What is more, the customers should become careful and critical about the information they see in TV.
来自:名人代言广告之我见 My View on the Ad Done by Celebrity

As far as I am concerned, we should take a critical attitude to treat this phenomenon.
来自:研究生考试热之我见 My View on The Craze of Pursuing Graduate Studies

Life of Pi became a critical and commercial success, earning over 583 million dollars worldwide.
来自:少年派的奇幻漂流 Life of Pi

The four years in university are the best time when young people can concentrate on acquiring knowledge, which is critical for students to mature intellectually.
来自:大学生不应该从商 University Students Should not go in for Business

Therefore, to find out our interest and set up a goal or an aim for us is really critical to succeed.
来自:天生我材必有用There must be a use for my talent

Therefore we must not overemphasize the importance of critical thinking which is abound to result in confusion and quarrels.
来自:多数人的智慧还是少数人的智慧Majority’s Wisdom or Minority’s Wisdom

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