n. 优势;利益;有利条件
vt. 有利于;使处于优势
vi. 获利

The driver took advantage of our difficult situation and opened his lion's mouth by asking us each to pay 10 yuan.

This advantage actually deprives these children of the opportunity to experience hardship, which can teach them a lot about the society.
来自:学生应该兼职吗?Should Students Take Part-time Jobs?

Another advantage to use Internet is that I can stay home and have a lecture online.
来自:网络对大学生的影响The Influence of the Internet on College Students

By learning good speech-making techniques, you can take advantage of opportunities at school, on the job and as a citizen in society.
来自:公共演说的重要性(一) Why Public Speaking Is So Important?

Take advantage of that opportunity to find out anything you can about the job.
来自:面试准备 Preperation for Interview

However, the development of science and technology is a two-edged weapon, which inevitably has advantage and disadvantage.
来自:电脑是否让人们觉得孤独? Whether Computer Makes People Isolated?

I think it may because of the advantage of travel?
来自:旅游 Travel

It is his ambition that drives him to study hard and take the most advantage of his time at school.
来自:雄心壮志 Ambition

It is said that having only one advantage is not enough to come off first in this highly competitive times.
来自:现代人才的定义Modern Concepts of Talent

All in all, we should make use of the advantage of university ranking and universities ought to make university ranking more meaningful.
来自:关于大学排名My View on University Ranking

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