n. 建议;忠告;劝告;通知

We gave him some advice on what to choose.
来自:In a Bookstore-在书店

I often upload my pictures and get some advice from others who can draw well.
来自:关于微博的英语作文 Micro Blog

Your advice and encouragement guide me through many difficulties .
来自:给爸爸的一封信A Letter to Father

Exchange of ideas helps make a self-criticism; at the same time their advice not only is the best consultation to me but also gives me many new ideas with which I may solve many problems in many years to come.

So I advice those people who have condition go abroad for a while.
来自:如何学好英语How to learn English Well?

With stimulation of alcohol, people sometimes overestimate their own and try to do something dangerous despite of the advice of the people around them.
来自:严禁酒后驾车Drinking, No Driving

Here is my advice that we should learn the new words by reading, or use the new words to make sentences.
来自:怎样学好英语 How to Learn English Well?

The doctor will give you the most valuable advice to keep a healthy heart.
来自:如何防止心脏病 How to Prevent Heart Disease

As long as students have pressure they can hardly bear, they will go for help from their psychological teacher who will offer some helpful advice to them.
来自:大学应该开设心理课College Should Open Psychological Class

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