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Usually I don't spare time for exercise, but I value the physical education class at school.通常我不腾出时间运动,但我珍惜学校的体育课。


n. 值;价值;价格;重要性;确切涵义
vt. 评价;重视;估价

Usually I don't spare time for exercise, but I value the physical education class at school.
来自:工作与游戏 Work and Play

And you who read are the final judge of the value to you of the book you are reading.
来自:为高兴阅读Reading for Pleasure

But once you own a home, you make it beautiful and keep it clean because it has greater value to you.

Referring to the value of society, we automatically think of work and creation.
来自:工作和家庭谁更重要career and family which is more important

One's career is the reflection of his talent and value which he offers society.
来自:关于家庭,朋友,事业的英语作文Family, Friends, Career

Do you value more having more Internet time or having a pleasant place to live?
来自:To break bad habits 如何改掉坏习惯

In 1997, the money value of global electronic commerce transactions is US$ 2.6billion.
来自:电子商务的发展 Booming Electronic Commerce

The companies should value the students, talent and knowledge while the latter should not merely aim at material gains.
来自:大学生就业问题之我见 My View on Employment Problems of College Students

As far as I am concern, to learn more knowledge is a good thing, but we should take our actual situation into consideration so that we can achieve our value much better.
在我 看来,学习更多知识是件好事,但是我们应该考虑到实际情况,这样我们才能更好地实现我们的价值。
来自:研究生求学狂潮的原因 The Reasons for the Craze of Pursuing Graduate Studies

Rather, what I value about most is the care and love they show to me.
来自:感恩父母 Be Grateful to Our Parents


关于工作面试 About Job Interview


关于长寿 About Longevity


关于声音 About Voice


关于保护环境 About Protecting the Environment


关于人间真情 About Love and Care


关于爱 About Love

Love is everywhere. We have love from our parents and friends, which makes us become stronger. Without love, we can’t survive long, or we will just like the walking dead.

关于爱 About Love

Recently, I saw an interesting commercial ad. The celebrities asked people the question what would you do for love. I thought of this question for a while and my parents lingered on my mind.

关于不文明行为 About Impolite Behaviors

We have seen many news about how rude Chinese tourists were, such as throwing away rubbish at will, jumping the queue or speaking loudly in public.

关于大卫*贝克汉姆 About David Beckham

David Beckham is the only football player I can recognize. It is said that he is famous for his great skills of playing soccer and also his handsome outlook.


Usually I don't spare time for exercise, but I value the physical education class at school.通常我不腾出时间运动,但我珍惜学校的体育课。





If one lives without friends, I can’t imagine his life in the world? 我无法想象一个没有朋友的人如何在这个世界上生活?


We gave him some advice on what to choose.关于挑选什么我们给了他一些建议。


But they have sent you to school so that you can receive good education and have a bright future. 但他们送你来学校读书,让你能接受良好的教育,能有一个光明的未来。


Dear Sir or Madam, I’m writing to lodge the complaint about the poor quality of an air conditioner that I purchased from Sun Appliance Company. 亲爱的先生或女士,我写这封信是想投诉件事,我在你们阳光电器公司买到一个质量很不好的空调。

关于as soon as的句子

I wish you a speedy recovery and return as soon as possible. 我祝你早日康复,并尽快返回。

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