Round round moon face, fresh sweet sweet spirit of the sweet rice balls, packed full of Sheng give you a bowl, and put on my the United States and the United States of the United States and the United States wishes for the Lantern Festival!

  Cloud is a magnificent rain is transparent, the wind is persistent, the month is a deep feeling, and thinking is a romantic, love is permanent, the stars are brilliant, you are unforgettable. Sincerely wish you - Happy Lantern Festival!

  Days and then, if America is also the kinds of regret that no one cared about! May be only a form of blessing, but it brings a warm heart to give, so we regard the interest distributed to each other, like moving, like Blessing: Happy Lantern Festival!

  Months to CA cylindrical, put your love to your pity, and often hang your heart, the evening's sticky glutinous rice balls is, of course, when we will be reunited.

  Round red moon face, a smile curved shallow eyes; sweet glutinous rice balls and happy year, good luck with fire fire forever! Wish Happy Lantern Festival!

  Lantern round, monthly child round, round and round Xu a wish. An old friend from afar to SMS biography, bless you: Sweet Sweet Honey happily perfectly healthy forever!

  Lantern Festival, fine full moon. I wish you good luck in hand in a good mood every round circle on their dreams come true.

  Spring Lantern Festival trouble lantern, light Red festive holiday. On Acacia invited to send a toast, the Moon is round fun reunion!

  Xiao Shao-Yuan Xiao Lantern Festival edge, 35 Yuan Xiao Nan Xiao stomach. Tonight refrain from greedy glutton, I wish you a happy degrees Good Night!

  Yuan Xiaoye, night Lantern Festival, every night Yuanxiao Ye happy years, the annual festival, annual celebration year, I wish you a happy holiday!

  Spring Lantern Festival celebration more than the family reunion more than happiness, good health and happiness and more profitable, more money every year more than luck and to wish good lot more!

  Happy Lantern Festival! My dear, I am sorry we can not together for Lantern Festival, but I will at the dinner table for you Tim a bowl and chopsticks, as you like at my side.

  Lantern Festival came around again, remember we are visiting the temple with the same excitement of guessing riddles do? Now busy still, people are different, the distance you, flies Kehao? Have time to write yo!

  Spring Lantern Festival will give you Han? Sent messages folder blessing. Is willing to hold your peace, pro-health, surmise happiness, bring happiness, a warm hug, with sweet, a chain fortune, pulled auspicious, auspicious Year of the Rat.

  Lantern Festival lights, smiling glances of your eyes. It is augmented in my heart on the screen; the moon in the sky, that is, you and I love to witness, notwithstanding the lack of Yin Qing Yuan, but also everlasting.

  Lantern Festival send you a bowl of sweet rice balls, will be round dream of starting a business, round out the warm spring and love, a happy family reunion was a round, round to the New Year splendid fortune! Happy Lantern Festival!

  On children round, carrying endless attachment, spring gradually, and sent sincere emotions, like the Lantern Festival night, you chic beauty fulfill our wishes, colorful life, happiness accompany you forever!

  Lantern Festival is approaching, the State Council issued five prohibitions: the prohibition busy pretending to ignore me; against rich forget me; the prohibition of hard not help me; prohibiting the dinner will not ask me; ban leisure did not want me; require sound implementation!

  Spring Lantern Festival is not gifts, clockwork SMS bless you: a healthy and happy always with you, good luck and you do not separate, finally let me tell you that money rolling into the pocket to give you all the benefits. Happy Lantern Festival!

  Lantern Festival Lantern Festival do not forget to eat, eat a good luck are always there, always happy to eat two to eat three the family reunion, eating four seasons safe to eat 5. . . Damn Small Pig, this thing can be bad digestion yo!

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