Adjust yourself to other people's states of mind and peculiarities so that you can get along peacefully with them. Observe a dog, and learn the art of self-control by watching how quickly it adjusts itself to its master's moods.
1.调整你自己以期能配合他人的思想和特性,观察狗儿 如何快速地调适自己,以配合主人的情绪,并学习它们的自我控制能力。
Ignore trivial circumstances in your relations with others; do not let them become controversies. Big people kook past small slights.
2.不要计较你和他人间微不足道的一些小事;不要让这 种小事变成争议,大人物从不计较不重要的事情。
Establish control of your mind at the start of each day, using the techniques for building a positive mental attitude. Maintain that attitude throughout the day.
3.每天应做的第一件事,就是运用建立积极心态的技巧 控制你的思绪,并且整天都要保持积极心态。
Learn the art of selling yourself indirectly, by persuasion and example rather than by the hard sell.
Develop a hearty laugh as a means to release anger.
Analyze all your setbacks and determine their causes. Discover the seed of equivalent benefit in each circumstance.
6.分析你所失败的事例,并找出失败的原因,在不如意 时应寻求等值的正面回报。
Concentrate your mind on the can-do portion of the tasks you face. Don’t worry about the cannot-do portion unless and until you meet it face-to-face. By that time the can-do portion will have shown you the way to success.
7.把注意力放在“办得到”的层面上,除非你真的面临 “办不到”的事实,否则根本别去担心这个问题。“办得到”的 心态,在此之前就已经指引你迈向成功的途径。
Turn all unpleasant circumstances into opportunities for positive action. Make this an automatic habit, and your success will multiply.
Remember that no one can win all of the time, no matter how much he deserves it. When you do not get exactly what you wanted maximize your gain by increasing your understanding of yourself.
9.记住,人是不可能永远成功的。当你无法完全得到你 想要得到的东西时,应先对自己做更多的了解,以期自己收获 更丰。
Look at life as a continuing learning process, and even bad experiences will become good ones.
10.把生命看成是不断学习的过程,即使是不好的经验 也具有正面的学习意义。
Remember that every thought you release comes back to you multiplied in its effect. Monitor your thoughts, and make sure you send out only those whose fruits you are willing to receive.
11.记住,你表现出来的思想将会加倍回馈到你的身上, 故必须控制你的思想并确定,你所表现出来的就是你希望从它那里得到回馈的思想。
Avoid associates with negative mental attitudes. Their attitudes will rub off on you and poison every effort you engage in.
Be aware of the dual nature of your personality. You have a side with a great capacity for belief and a negative side with an equal capacity for disbelief. Exercise the first, and the second will wither away.
Recognize that prayer brings the best results when you have sufficient faith to see yourself already in possession of the things you are praying for. This calls for a positive mental attitude of the highest order.
You can see how a positive mental attitude relies upon and reinforces so many of the principles crucial to personal achievement. You need a definite major purpose, applied faith in that purpose, and the personal initiative to act in ways that express your PMA. 
从以上的说明中,你可看出积极心态是多么地强化诸多 和个人成就息息相关的原则。你必须订定明确目标,将信心 运用到这些目标上,并且以积极心态为基础,展现你的个人进取心。

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