There are four seasons in a year.They are spring,summer,autumn and winter.Every season has three months and each month has about thirty days.
      The first season is spring.In spring time we have warm weather and sunny days.There are many beautiful flowers in the gardens and in the fields.The birds begin to sing their songs.Everything comes to life again.
      The second season we call summer.In summer the weather is very hot and it rains a lot.All trees are beautiful with their green leaves.The sky is very clear and blue,and the sunshine is much stronger than that in other seasons,so many people go to the seaside or the mountains to avoid the heat.
      Autumn is the third season of the year.In autumn the weather becomes cooler day by day.It is the best season we have.So many people like it very much,especially the farmers.They are very busy with their harvest.
      The last season is winter.It comes with frost and snow.The weather grows colder and colder,and much snow falls.But winter is not very long with us,for spring comes again soon.

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