Last night, my mother told me that we would have a picnic with my uncle’s families in a park. I was so excited. The elders sat at the ground and talked about the work stuffs and family issues, while the children were playing around. My cousins and I went to the fairground. We took the pirate boat, which made us scream out loudly. I will never forget the feeling of taking the pirate boat. Besides, we also played other interesting activities. For me, it was a happy day. For my parents, I thought they were happy, too. 昨天晚上,我妈妈告诉我,我们要和我叔叔一家一起去公园野餐。我非常兴奋。大人们坐在地上,谈论着工作和家庭的事,而我们这些孩子们则在玩耍。我和我的表兄弟们去了游乐场,我们坐上了海盗船,吓得我们大声尖叫了出来。我永远都不会忘记在海盗船上的感觉。我们还去玩了其他有趣的活动。对于我来说,这是快乐的一天。对于我爸妈来说,我觉得他们也很高兴。
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