“神九”回家 Shenzhou-9 Coming Home

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After the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft has landed safely at the main landing area in morthern China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, China's manned space docking mission between Shenzhou-9 spacecraft and Tiangong-1lab module has acieved a complete success.

After the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft has landed safely at the main landing area in northern China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region,China's manned space docking mission between Shenzhou-9 spacecraft and Tiangong-1lab module has achieved a complete success. Today, three astronauts who fulfilled China's first manned space docking safely returned to earth, and they all are in good physical condition. While in the capsule, the astronauts reported to the command center "We have return, and we feel good." 


The successful rendezvous and docking between the target orbiter Tiangong-1 and the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft marks a significant breakthrough in China's space docking technology, and it also marks decisive progress in fulfilling the second strategic target of China's manned space progress. The success of the procedure shows that China has completely grasped space rendezvous and docking technologies and the country is fully capable of transporting humans and cargo to an orbiter in space, which is essential for the country's plans to build a space station around 2020.



一封信——我的周末 A Letter About my Weekend


我梦想中的城市——厦门 My Dreamland--Xiamen


“一带一路”政策 The Policy of Road and Belt


儿童节 Children’s Day

Children’s day is on the first day of June. On that day, every child will celebrate it in their ways. The school always prepare some funny games for students, and all of these leave the children a happy childhood.

愚人节 April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day is on the first day of April, which is a day for people to make fun of each other.

不要挑战魔鬼 Don’t Try to Challenge Devil

With the development of economy, China is becoming stronger and catches the world’s attention. But here comes the problem that the rate of teenager criminals is increasing every year.

一个孩子的心愿 A Child’s Wish

Today, when I learn the new text in Chinese class, I find a picture which catches my attention.

家长该给孩子的作业签名吗 Should Parents Sign Children’s Homework

When I was very small, my teachers told me to let my parents sign their names on my homework, so as to prove that they had assisted in doing my homework.

“一带一路”机遇和挑战 The Opportunity and Challenge of Belt and Road

The policy of Belt and Road has been the hot topic in the year of 2017, and many foreign countries have joined this plan.

孩子的认知 A Child’s Recognition

People must be wondering about how a little child can know the parents’ feelings. In fact, though they are small, even can’t walk, they are indeed smart.




艾薇儿古堡幸福完婚Avril Castle happiness

The Canadian rock singer Avril completed her wedding ceremony with her fiancé,Chad Kroeger who is the lead singer of Nickelback in a castle in southern France of the local time July 1st.

《白日焰火》夺柏林金熊奖The Day Fireworks Won the Golden Bear Award

The 64th Berlin Film Festival held the Award ceremony in the morning of February 16th. The Chinese movie "The Day Fireworks” Directed by Diao Yinan, and starred by Liao Fan, Lunmei Kwai and Wang Xuebing won the Golden Bear Award for best film. 2月16日凌晨,第64届柏林电影节举行颁奖典礼。由刁亦男执导,廖凡、桂纶镁和王学兵主演的中国影片《

Vatican to issue Pope's letter on Irish child sex abuse

The Vatican is due to publish a letter from Pope Benedict XVI to Irish Catholics, asking forgiveness for paedophilic abuse by priests. The pastoral letter is the first public statement by the Vatican on the sexual abuse of children dating

Hillary Clinton warns Israel faces 'difficult' choices

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is to call on Israel to make difficult but necessary choices if it wants a peace agreement with the Palestinians. Mrs Clinton will warn that the status quo is unsustainable in a speech to the pro-Israe

Nigeria leader Goodluck Jonathan 'chooses cabinet'

Nigeria's acting President Goodluck Jonathan has nominated a list of ministers, sources say, a week after he sacked his entire cabinet. Parliamentary sources said Mr Jonathan had forwarded his nominees to the Senate for their consideration

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