Nowadays, elementary and secondary schools are trying their best to promote Mandarin, while some dialects are pushed aside. In recent years, the argument about the abolition and protection of Cantonese has been existed constantly. The principal of Zhuhai Boai Kindergarten, Chen Shouhong said that she went to Beichuan, Sichuan province for investigation in 2009 found that the local Qiang ethnic children can only speak a little their local language, and most of them couldn’t write. This reminds her of Cantonese; reminds the gradual loss of southern Cantonese culture.
Chen Shouhong realized that to protect the local culture should grab from baby in an exchanging meeting of Cantonese culture inheritance with the Cantonese Artists. Boai kindergarten will hold a festival every year. To introduce Cantonese opera, children have to learn Cantonese. So Chen Shouhong decided to start teaching Cantonese.
Chen Shouhong said that according to the education department, Zhuhai Boai kindergarten is still mainly teaching Mandarin at present.
Zhuhai is an immigrant city.  Many families are spoken Mandarin, and children also grow up in this context.
For the phenomenon that Zhuhai Boai kindergarten teaches Cantonese, the supportive parents are more. One parent thinks that learn Cantonese is not only learning the local culture, but also let children learn a language skill. It is good for the kids, no matter they will life in Guangdong or go abroad in the future. But there are also some parents worried about it would be a stress for the kids to learn Mandarin, English, and Cantonese.
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