Recently years, college graduate students find it becomes so much harder to find an ideal job. Some of them have to stay jobless for years. Some people say that these years college students are too picky about job hunting, while others say that the competition in the market becomes more fierce. In my humble opinion, there are several reasons to account for this problem.


First of all, nowadays college students ask too much when they are looking for a job. Most of them dream to work in office buildings and refuse to be a salesman in the supermarket. They care too much about their salary and the location of the working place. Due to these reasons, finding an ideal job becomes much harder. Second, some students may find the majors they study at the university do not fit the vacant jobs. Majors like history, and philosophy may not find suitable jobs. Many jobs do not need such knowledge as that. Last but not least, employers raise their standards for university students. Some companies only hire those with several years of working experience. 


From the reasons above, we can see the reasons college students have job-hunting problems. To solve these problems, we should be prepared for the future. Do not expect too much, hold reasonable expectations. Try to learn something more. 



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